3DPL BioPrinters
Its yours to create, yours to regenerate: life, right at your fingertips.

Use next-level, over-the-top technology in your lab to tissue engineer your dreams.

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Main Features

Single/Dual Extruder heads

The choice is yours. Choose between single or double extruder heads with heating ability.


It’s versatile in every way!
  • Anyone can operate the bioprinter, it’s that easy.
  • Print any cell or bioink extrudable from a syringe.
  • Control pressure and temperature of extruder heads.

Chamber Sterilization

Not to worry! Our benchtop-sized devices fit snugly under the hood. Equipped with HEPA H12 filter and UV-C lighting, ensure a sterile environment for your cells.

Other services we offer

With your imagination being the limit, design and print your scaffold with us.

Don’t break a sweat. Leave it to the experts to print your work for you. We’ll do the thinking, and you’ll do the thanking. With a 15 micron precision on each axis, be sure to innovate.


Leading Universities and Research Institutes

Our Customers

Sharif University of Technology

University of Tarbiat Modarres

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Iran University of Medical Sciences
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