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About 3DPL

3DPL is a 3D Bioprinting Laboratory. It specializes in the building and development of bioprinters. It was in 2017, when a team of expert engineers and innovative scientists got together with one purpose: to rid the world of organ transplant and disease. The vision was simple, to create, to regenerate life with a device that’s right at your fingertips.  Built from scratch, the 3DPL BioPrinter was hence born. It was for the first time in Iran that a pneumatic-based bioprinter was introduced. With an exceptional design that rivals with its foreign competitors, this bench-top bioprinter is an all-encompassing, yet user-friendly device that anyone can use to tissue engineer their dreams. Our promise to our users is to deliver cutting-edge, high quality devices at an affordable price, because it is our mission to enable inspirational researchers with our products for the good of the world.




Mehrdad Mehrbod, PhD—Co-founder

Ehsan Ghiasvand—Co-founder & CEO

Amirhossein Gazneh, Quality Control Engineer

Ali Moghaddaszadeh, R&D Engineer

Zahra Moosavi, Cell Culture Specialist

Maryam Bidad, Financial Manager

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